Digital Marketing Pricing Packages



No hidden fees. No high-pressure selling.

Free initial consultation with your business
Get in touch to discover how Meemo Digital can work with you to help your business grow online.
Free digital marketing analysis
Meemo Digital will examine your current digital marketing to highlight how you can grow your audience and increase conversions.
Free SEO analysis
Meemo Digital will carry out a review of the SEO for your website to highlight where improvements can be made.



Ideal for start ups and small businesses to grow your presence on social media.

Social media assessment
A plan for your social media, tailored to your business.
Creation of social media accounts
Meemo Digital will create accounts on the main social media channels for your business: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.
Guaranteed posts on your social media
A minimum of 30 posts per month for your business.
Active management of social media
Checking of messages, mentions, re-tweets and notifications. Build a following for your business.
Ongoing analysis
Meemo Digital will check statistics and review your performance across your social media channels.


from £20

Ideal for taking your digital marketing to the next level and for larger businesses.

Blog posts and content creation
Content is the key to success. Engage with your market through blog posts or news articles for your business. Is your website text boring your visitors? Meemo Digital will help you drive traffic and conversions through powerful content marketing.
Additional social media accounts
For example Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr or Snapchat.
Custom graphics
Artwork, graphics, infographics, logos and images tailored for your business.
Post Boost
Want more posts across your social media channels? Add the post boost pack.
Paid advertising
Paid for advertising can be a great way to share your message. Get in touch for a review of how your business can benefit from paid for advertising.
Social media tutorials and workshops
Want help with how to manage your own social media, or tips on how to write winning content? Meemo Digital can help with training your staff.
Reputation Management
Management and monitoring of your reputation online is important for your business. Checking for bad backlinks and negative SEO is crucial for your online presence.
Digital Strategy
Meemo Digital can provide a complete digital strategy for your business. Get in touch for a plan tailored to your business.
Email marketing
Email marketing is a great way to reach out to your audience and keep them up to date with your latest news and offers.
Website design & marketing
Meemo Digital is a full service digital agency, get in touch for a review of your website or construction of a brand new website.