What is a Call to Action?

A call to action (CTR) is a method of encouraging visitors on your website to engage further with you. They provide a easy way to enable your visitors to interact with your website, and are very important for turning visitors into customers.

Still not sure what a call to action is? – Have a look at the button below:


This is a clear call to action that encourages you to click on the button and complete a form for a free SEO analysis, (go on – it can reveal a lot about your website!).

If you look around this website and many others you visit, you will see lots of calls to action in many formats. How you use calls to action can make a big difference to how engaged your visitors are with your website. Simple buttons, forms and images are ideal as calls to action. Many websites have pop-ups that encourage you to take further action. Pop-ups are undoubtedly better at collecting a higher percentage of actions for your audience, but this has to be balanced against annoying your visitors and blocking them from the content they are trying to get to. If you do use pop-ups in this scenario you need to be absolutely sure that the content of your pop-up adds value to the visitors experience.


It isn’t just what they look like, but where you place your calls to action can have a big impact on how successful they are. The impact can be affected not just by the position on the page, but also what surrounds the call to action in your design. The clearer you can make a call to action, the more it will stand out on your page. The purpose of your call to action can make a difference to where it is best to position it on a page. For example special offers are often best placed above the fold, so the impact is immediate and visitors do not need to scroll down to view them. Alternatively, if you want to add a call to action relating to some content you have posted, the most effective position is often at the bottom of that content, so it is easily accessible after they have read through your information.


The design and text of your call to action can make a big impact on how successful your calls to action are, use colours that stand out from the surrounding content so the call to action is clear against its background. The text needs to add value to the visitor, ideally you want to communicate that taking action will help your visitor, not how it will help you in your marketing.

If you would like any help with your calls to action:


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Meemo Digital Ltd is a website and digital consultancy company, with a focus on getting to know our customers, and helping you unlock your potential.

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